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Matrix Controls Corp. - HistoryHistory


Matrix Controls Corp., a Texas Corporation was formed on May 6, 1996.  The home office is centrally located in Austin, Texas.


The company was formed by Norman E. Phillips for the purpose of representing manufacturers, both domestic and foreign, in the states of Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Arkansas, New Mexico and Arizona.


Matrix Controls Corp. - ExperienceExperience


Norman represents 50 years of Sales and Marketing experience.  He offers extensive experience in dealing with customers in the Oil & Gas Production, Pipeline, Process Equipment, Aerospace, Medical Equipment, Food Processing and OEM Manufacturing.


Matrix Controls Corp. - Contact InformationContact Information



Norman E Phillips

Matrix Controls Corp.

P. O. Box 202048

Austin, TX 78720-2048

Phone: (512) 996-9923

Cell: (512) 415-8094




Matrix Controls Corp. - Products RepresentedProducts Represented


  • Filtrine Mfg. Company

    (Medical, Process, Bakery & Explosion Proof Chillers, Air & Water Cooled)


  • Climatech Products

    (Rail & Cladding Accessories, Duct Access, Supports & Fixings, Anti-Vibration & Duct Connection, Air Distribution & Regulation, Install Equipment for Adhesive & Welded Hangers, Strut Foot Universal Flat Roof Support System)


  • Lucifer Furnaces

    (Termperatures up to 1600F for Tempering, Drawing, Annealing, Preheat, Hardening, Brazing, Normalizing & Special Applications)


  • Thermonics Corporation

    (Portable Process Chillers (Low & Ultra low Temperature -40C to -300C Gas or liquid, Air, Water & LN2 Cooled))


  • Hiller Separation & Process

    (Liquid-Solids Separation for Wastewater Treatment, Food & Beverage, Brewery & Wine, Waste Oil, Tunneling, Renewable Energy, Pulp & Paper)



    (Solenoids-Latching, Holding, Proportional, Linear, Rotary, Push-Pull, Bistable, Voice Coils Motors, Electromagnets, Hybrid Stepper Motors, Haptic Actuators & Control Circuits)


  • Kinitics Automation

    (Shaped Memory Alloy, Precision Movement Control, Linear Actuators, Explosion Proof Valve Actuators, Piston Pumps & Controllers)


  • A. STUCKI Company

    (Grating & Plank HRPOI, Galvanized & Stainless Steel, Aluminum Custom Shapes & Lengths)




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