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Product Lines



Matrix Controls Corp. - Products RepresentedProducts Represented


  • Filtrine Mfg. Company

    (Medical, Process, Bakery & Explosion Proof Chillers, Air & Water Cooled)


  • Climatech Products

    (Rail & Cladding Accessories, Duct Access, Supports & Fixings, Anti-Vibration & Duct Connection, Air Distribution & Regulation, Install Equipment for Adhesive & Welded Hangers, Strut Foot Universal Flat Roof Support System)


  • Lucifer Furnaces

    (Termperatures up to 1600F for Tempering, Drawing, Annealing, Preheat, Hardening, Brazing, Normalizing & Special Applications)


  • Thermonics Corporation

    (Portable Process Chillers (Low & Ultra low Temperature -40C to -300C Gas or liquid, Air, Water & LN2 Cooled))


  • Hiller Separation & Process

    (Liquid-Solids Separation for Wastewater Treatment, Food & Beverage, Brewery & Wine, Waste Oil, Tunneling, Renewable Energy, Pulp & Paper)



    (Solenoids-Latching, Holding, Proportional, Linear, Rotary, Push-Pull, Bistable, Voice Coils Motors, Electromagnets, Hybrid Stepper Motors, Haptic Actuators & Control Circuits)


  • Kinitics Automation

    (Shaped Memory Alloy, Precision Movement Control, Linear Actuators, Explosion Proof Valve Actuators, Piston Pumps & Controllers)


  • A. STUCKI Company

    (Grating & Plank HRPOI, Galvanized & Stainless Steel, Aluminum Custom Shapes & Lengths)




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